Model from LA in AUS

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Briana King x YRU

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Briana King for Ziggy Denim

Briana King for Gorman

Anonymous said: You probably get this a lot and i don't want to be annoying but we have pretty much the same hair texture and i wanted to ask you what you do to keep it healthy and long? You are a beautif person with a beautiful soul xx hope you have a wonderful day

Thanks a million!
Silk/Satin pillow case will be a life saver! Your hair will glide across the smooth pillow case and cause less knots, which means less breakage.
Rene furterer Curling cream is an amazing product it’s so light, and still gives you beautiful curls!

brianamking by DAphotography

brianamking by DAphotography

Anonymous said: I love you, because you're skinny like me but you look confident and beautiful ! You inspire me

Wooohooo! Love who you are! My entire family are twigs and we can’t do anything about it lol

Briana king

Briana king